Kingman, Arizona

At the age of twelve was when I first stepped foot into Kingman, Arizona. It was on a vacation trip with my family, which we so rarely went on coming from a single parent family. It was mid-spring; the town made me feel as if I had just stepped back into the past about fifty years. It was then that I knew I wanted to move to this town.

The day I graduated from High School, we left California and moved into the home I still live in today. This town has many good attributes and many state programs to help the town. It has two city swimming pools and plenty of parks. The Del Webb center offers many classes to the public along with the cities rec. department.

Kingman is filled with companies that support all groups by donating to these good causes. Thanks to a local group KAPCSN (Kingman Area Partnership of Children with Special Needs) we will soon have the smart card (first responder card) in our County. This card will inform police and fire that there is someone in the home that is disabled, and may react differently to them.

We also have WACOG (Western Arizona Council of Governments) which has helped bring the city transportation (public bus) to town. They do community assessments to find what is needed in our town and help give us those things. They have many programs that help the lower income families in our community.

Our town has many different events each year like the Fun Run, the art festivals, Education Fairs, the Annual Kids Day Fair, and of course the County Fair. Other events are scheduled by different organizations throughout town as well.

The town is located next to the Hualapai Mountains which give the locals the escape from the summer heat and the cool snow environment during the winter. It is also about an one hour drive to the Colorado River, so one can enjoy the water life as well. What more can one ask for, we can hike, swim, camp and play around this beautiful town.

All and all this town can give someone the feel of community that lacks in many towns across this country. People tend to be friendly and helpful when you need help. Everywhere you go you can run into a friend, co-worker, fellow student and instructors. Although our town is growing, we have managed to keep the small town charm that drove me to Kingman all those years ago.